For patients with paracancic complications

Significantly low lymphocytosis, high levels of immunoglobulin G in the peripheral blood, and high values ​​of the leukocyte intoxication index were also characteristic for patients with paracancic complications compared with patients without paranormal inflammatory changes . A paracancic infection has a significant […]

The development of reactive inflammatory changes is characteristic of all stages 7

Course of tumor in the lung. They, as a rule, develop in the areas of atelectasis and distelectasis, with peripheral cancer in the immediate vicinity of the tumor, and with the central cancer in areas of lung tissue ventilated by […]

General characteristics of the functional status of patients in the preoperative period

In the preoperative period, with lung cancer cases of lung cancer, it is possible not only to determine the functional reserves of respiration and blood circulation, but also to establish the connection between the revealed disorders and the prevalence of the […]

Characteristics of the method of integral body rheography (IRGT)

The IRGT method is based on the registration of the total pulse measurement of the electrical conductivity of the entire body during the forced passing of alternating current (30 kHz) in a series circuit: hands-trunk-legs. The integral rheogram is a […]

Functional diagnostics. Assessment of the functional state of patients

Diagnosis of the nature and severity of functional disorders caused by the main pathological process and associated diseases is the most important task of the preoperative period. The solution of this task largely determines the tactics of surgical treatment, since […]