Breast self-examination

Breast self-examination

After conducting a physical examination, doctors should explain to patients the importance and methods of self-examination of the mammary glands. It is necessary to convince women to carry out self-examination every month at the time of the menstrual cycle, when the mammary glands are not able to engulf or painful on palpation.

After menopause, self-examination can be carried out on any day of the month by choosing, for example, a date of birth. Many doctors advise their patients to conduct self-examinations while taking a shower or bath, because the formations are easier to detect when both the arm and the mammary gland are wet.

The physician should also recommend to examine the mammary glands with a perdiscord in the position with the arms lowered and raised. A woman should pay attention to the change in the contours of the breast, the appearance of contractions and changes in the nipple. After an inspection in front of the mirror, the woman should lie on her back, putting a pillow under her shoulder, on the side of which she undergoes self-examination; then palpate the right breast with the left palm with the fingers extended and vice versa.

You should inform the doctor about any lesions found; in many cases, the suspicions of a woman are unfounded and you just need to calm her down. For this reason, in our practice, we recommend the morning self-examination of the mammary glands so that the patient does not have to spend a sleepless night worrying about her palpable “tumor.”

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