List of products that help prevent breast cancer. Do not give the ailment a chance!

Whatever one may say, figures often play against us. According to statistics, breast cancer is the most frequent malignant tumor in women and, moreover, the number one death among women (according to the research of the US Cancer Institute). Unfortunately, this disease can not be foreseen, practically everyone is in the risk zone. And, as you know, there are no effective cures for cancer (no matter how many attempts have been made).

Although often the main reason for the formation of cancer tumors called heredity, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle also play a big role. It is proved that the use of “right” products and special exercises help to reduce the risk of cancer at times. Therefore, you simply must include all of the products listed below in your diet. And now we will explain to you why.

Beta-carotene, which is abundant in carrots, was recognized as a good weapon against cancer. Studies show that women who use this product at least three times per week, the risk of breast cancer is reduced by 17%. Quite a lot, as for the vegetable to which you are so used.
Tip: eat at least 200 g of raw carrots three times a week. Other foods rich in beta-carotene: pumpkin, squash (more commonly known as pumpkin-zucchini), sweet potato (sweet potatoes).

Broccoli is simply an indispensable thing in any diet, because it is easy to prepare and very useful for health. In this kind of cabbage, there is a lot of sulforaphane – an organic compound of plant origin, possessing anti-cancer and antibacterial properties. This very substance can stop the appearance of new cancer cells, and also destroy the hearth of “unexpected guests.”
Tip: use 200 g of broccoli twice a week. By the way, all of the cabbage family are rich in sulforaphane.

White cabbage
More recently, studies have been conducted in the United States, in which women who consume cabbage three or more times a week participated. The results showed that consumption of this product by 72% reduces the risk of cancer. Cabbage contains the enzyme tyrosinase, as well as glucosinolates, which can prevent cancer.
Advice: do not forget to eat 200 grams of raw cabbage 4 times a week.

Perhaps, this is the easiest and tasty way to improve your diet. Adding a marinara sauce to food can greatly improve your health. All the salt is that tomatoes contain lycopene (also it is present in many red fruits and determines their color). It is the best antioxidant that removes free radicals from the body.
Advice: to consume tomatoes should be at least three times a week (in raw form, as well as in the form of ketchup and all kinds of sauces).

This is still a favorite in any field of alternative medicine. Known for a hundred of its healing properties, it’s no surprise that he was on this list. Garlic contains substances that help in the fight against the formation of new cancer cells.
Advice: do not be lazy to eat at least a slice of garlic twice a week.

This champion contains omega-3 fatty acids, which regulate the work of the heart. They can stop the formation of malignant tumors.
Advice: to gnaw 30 grams of nuts three times a week.

It is proved that they help to reduce the size of cancerous tumors. Fatty acids, which are contained in mushrooms, stop the production of estrogen. But it is known that this hormone is the stimulator of tumor growth.
Tip: add 200 grams of champignons in different forms twice a week.

It is recognized as a true leader among berries in terms of usefulness. It stimulates the immune system and removes free radicals.
Tip: 200 g of blueberries (best of all wild) three times a week

This sweet fruit contains flavonoids, specific plant pigments that can protect the body from cancerous formations. These substances are capable of destroying cancer cells, while not touching healthy ones.
Tip: Eat at least a piece of peach twice a week. By the way, the plum also has similar properties among fruits.

Salmon is the main source of omega-3 fatty acids among food products. In addition, salmon has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the number of various kinds of abnormalities at the cellular level.
Tip: Train yourself to eat 100 g of salmon twice a week.

No matter how unpleasant the topic may be, you can not turn a blind eye to the problem of breast cancer.

All these products are a real well of health, because they contain the necessary substances that allow you to fight cancer cells. Do not necessarily use them at the doses specified in the recommendations. Just revise your diet and add more organic products containing protein to it. Cancer can be prevented!

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