The truth and myths about the terrible disease

Breast cancer does not spare either women or men, while oncology is transmitted by inheritance – doctors say, although many persistently consider this a myth. What else you need to know about breast cancer and how to avoid it?

The birth and feeding of a child by the breast – is it really a prevention of problems with the breast or rather a myth?

Irina Lisachenko: No, this is not a myth. In principle, the nature of women is the reproduction of their own kind, so for women’s health it is useful to breast-feed a child to a certain age. This regulates and hormonal status, and not to mention that it is useful for the child. So yes, breastfeeding is definitely a prevention of breast cancer (breast cancer).

– Do men also have breast cancer?

– Yes, unfortunately, men have breast cancer. They, as well as women, are shown to have a mammogram, especially if a man has had some complaints and especially felt something at home. Usually men pay attention to the fact that they have some increase in mammary glands. If this happens, then you need to contact a surgeon: men have not only cancer, but gynecomastia. Usually, these diseases occur in parallel with diseases of the kidney and prostate, so men who have this in history, you need to be particularly careful. Any person needs to monitor the condition of their mammary glands and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

– Too narrow a bra can lead to cancer?

– Any underwear in general should be comfortable. If it is convenient, does not clamp, then it will not lead to any diseases, although it can be a risk factor.

– How often is breast cancer transmitted by inheritance? And on what line? Only through the mother to her daughter or through her father’s, too? For example, if my grandmother was ill?

– Yes, unfortunately, breast cancer belongs to genetically predisposed diseases. Basically, this genetics is transmitted along the mother’s line, therefore it is advisable for every woman to know if her mother, grandmother, mother’s sisters were ill. If so, there have already been cases of breast cancer in the family, then the woman herself needs to be more attentive to herself and her health, respectively. She is at risk.

As for relatives on the part of the father, this genetic predisposition is less likely.

Identify the predisposition
– Is the positive reaction to oncomarkers already diagnosed?

– A positive reaction to oncomarkers does not mean that you have a disease, but rather that you must be extremely attentive to your health.
It is not harmful to pass tests for cancer markers, but one should not focus on this particularly, because practice shows that even if there is a positive reaction, we do not always find an oncological disease.

– Cancer – rather acquired disease, that is a consequence of a way of life, or hereditary – that is, it can happen even in the healthiest person?

– It’s hard to say, we do not know the etiology of breast cancer, because if they knew, they would find a cure. Most likely, this is a combination of both, and the genetic predisposition, and the wrong way of life. It is sad, but the disease can occur in a healthy person.

– The diagnosis of breast cancer is not a verdict?

– It has long been proven that survival with a diagnosis of breast cancer depends on the size of the education itself. That is, the less education, the higher the survival rate. Science has proven that from one cell to 1 cm the tumor grows for 8 years, and this is a regularity. What happens to the swelling afterwards, when its size is more than 1 cm – this process can develop unpredictably, roughly. The growth of the tumor can stop, that is, the tumor itself can not develop, and metastases will appear.

Survival is primarily affected by the size of the tumor: the smaller it is, the better the treatment and the likely survival. The main task of mammography is to detect preclinical forms of cancer, which are not detected either during clinical examination or during palpation.

– How is breast cancer treated today?

– It all depends on the size of the tumor, for treatment there is a surgical method, radiation therapy, chemotherapy. Usually, cancer treatment is a complex of measures that is developed by specialists in each specific case. Doctors solve this issue collectively, in the appointment of treatment involved a surgeon, chemotherapeutist, ray specialist. The main goal of doctors is not to harm a woman.

– What measures of prevention should every woman observe?

– The main prevention is self-control, because the earlier a woman notices abnormalities and tumors and the sooner she turns to the doctor, the sooner the necessary measures are taken.

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